The pace of changing technology poses a challenges for many organziation,  Today's leading business are powered by the innovations and technology. As we witness the workplace become digitized at an unprecendented pace, success is fueled by the ability to use technology to make data-driven decisions.  For more than 15  years Moor Innovations has fuled business with innovative solutions to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information. Regaurdless of the industry our team of experts will pivot your organization towards success.                                                                 

Fuel your organizations for success when you are powered by Moor Innovation, from on-premise information technology solutions, e-commerce, web site design and management. When seeking the best information technology solutions for your organization we have the experts to design, develope and deploy your applications. Our developers are industry leaders and masters of our craft. On the forefront of changing technology we continue to educate and remain relevant to changes in regulation and guidelines.                                                                  

Its our passion to seek the best creative solutions for your vision; Give us a call today @ (888) 853-1362 to book an appointment with one our specialist. or email us at

Moor Innovations Inc Mission Statement: designs and supports technology solutions through a team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals. Working within a structure of shared governance and data-driven decisions, we support the mission of  

Moor Innovations inc Vision Statement: strives to be a trusted partner by empowering our university communities with reliable and innovative solutions 

Moor Innovations Inc Service Values: We value delivering a comprehensive suite of high quality SERVICES designed to meet and exceed customer expectations regardless of skill set or location We value clear and effective COMMUNICATION with our customers to foster an informed community We value COLLABORATION with stakeholders to ensure availability of reliable, high quality solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers We value EMPOWERING individuals with appropriate solutions determined through engagement and developing an understanding of each users’ expectations and experience level with technology We value promoting a PROFESSIONAL technology service organization that aspires to provide reliable, valuable solutions that allow customers to achieve success   

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Justin Farrugia

Web Designer & Developer

Mohammad Al Omayer

Web Designer & Developer

Jacob Nucette

Web Designer & Developer

Maya Irene

Web Designer & Developer

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